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After the Brotherhood defeats the Enclave at Project Purity, she tells the Lone Wanderer and Sarah Lyons that the equipment has been damaged, whether unintentionally or by sabotage.

She further tells the two that the project control room is lethally irradiated, but it still needs to be activated quickly or the facility would explode.

Doctor Li soon became head scientist of the group and began to grow healthy, radiation-free produce like fresh apples and pears.

It was here in Rivet City that Madison first heard tales of the Institute, a legendary organization that was formed from the ashes of the Commonwealth Institute of Technology from a man named Zimmer; the Institutes's director of the Synth Retention Bureau.

Doctor Madison Li is a scientist working on portable fusion power and hydroponics experiments in Rivet City in 2277.

As of 2287, she is in the Commonwealth working for the Institute as the head of their Advanced Systems division.

All is going smoothly, but suddenly the Enclave arrives and quickly overruns Project Purity.By joining the Institute, Madison quickly managed to embark on scientific endeavors she had only dreamed of and even managed to become the director of the organization's Advanced Systems division.Yet something irks Madison - most notably the lack of transparency; not getting the full story on everything that occurs within the Institute due to the organization's constant burying of facts it finds inconvenient. When, several months earlier, he escaped from the Institute, he was declared dead and his lab sealed off against Madison's insistence on a thorough investigation.The project was going smoothly, and even had the support and help of the Brotherhood of Steel, but soon it all went downhill.Super mutant attacks were more frequent and purifying water on a large scale was much harder than first thought.

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