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An international driver license or permit is not required, but is recommended.An international driver license can be printed in English and used in conjunction with a driver license from the other country.Jail staff will not give out visitation information.Each minimum inmate is allowed only one (1) visit per week consisting of a 20-minute duration.Only 4 visitors (no matter the age of the visitor) are allowed for each inmate visit.Visits will be terminated if an inmate or visitor engages in inappropriate behavior or inappropriate language.

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Many international visitors wanting to get behind the wheel also have questions about how they can legally drive in Arizona.

Canadian citizens are exempt from taking the road test but are still required to pass the written exam.

With Arizona’s driver license requirements in place to keep everyone safe on the roads, here are some of the most common questions international visitors have about obtaining a driver license in Arizona: Out-of-state students enrolled with seven or more semester hours are not considered Arizona residents, regardless of employment.

If an international driver license or permit is used alone, it must be issued by a country other than the United States.

Vehicle rental companies may have additional requirements.

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